• Why will my computer not boot to windows?
    • Ensure that the X-image software has loaded properly and all the on-screen instructions have been followed. Do not interrupt the X-image process until it has it finished this process
    • Check all external peripherals ( mouse, keyboard cables etc…) to ensure that they are tightly secured into the computer system
    • Retry re-booting the system. Prior to re-booting remove the battery and power cable. Hold down the power button to remove any charge from the motherboard. You can now replace the battery and power cable and re-boot. The same process is used for both a laptop or desktop
  • How do I run a Pre-boot system assessment or Diagnostics on my Dell laptop or desktop?
    • Reboot your computer
    • Tap on the F12 key repeatedly until the boot option menu appears
    • Choose diagnostics on a laptop computer or hard
      drive diagnostics on a desktop computer
  • How do I change ownership information on a Dell computer I have purchased?